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~Viorel Roman: “The Danubian border”

The Rhin- Danube canal is on the way of becoming again the main trade route of Europe, this time in the absence of ideological blocks, the same way as in the past, after hundreds of years of experience, the Romans have established a zone of cooperation, control, and trade between the Empire and the rest of the world. In the Middle Ages, the migrating peoples, in-heritors of the Roman Empire, have remade the continental imperial struc-tures by changing the old „limes” (border area) from the Rhine to the Da-nube into many borders, which, with time, have created three great regions: Western Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe, without changing by this the Danube’s (2860 km) old role. In 1095, the Western Crusaders were heading toward the Holly Land along the Danube. The complicated bor-ders of the feudal period have transformed during the industrialization age into national borders, which this way were achieving their primitive capital accumulation. During this period, the Danube became the Habsburgic Em-pire’s main transportation means (The Habsburgic Empire defined itself, anyway, as a Danubian monarchy). The appearance of Communism as a late method of dictatorship-based modernization, had torn the Danube in two up to 1989, when the Russians and the other Eastern European states gave up this system in favor of the old Capitalist method. Thus, the Rhine Danube Canal’s chance of becoming again what it has been for centuries in the past is obvious, when we consider that the future borders of Europe and of the world will get a new quality by the appearance of transnational cor-porations, of communication systems, which are transforming the world into an electronic village, into a worldwide industrial establishment, etc.

Prof. Dr. VIOREL ROMAN, consilier academic la Universitatea din Bremen

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