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~Prof. dr. Florentin Smarandache: „Global Totalitarianism“

This so-called “globalization” is called on Internet in the following ways: global totalitarianism, neo-totalitarianism, new world order, global fascist order, neo-fascism, today’s new fascism, semi-colonialism, neocolonialism, global cyber hegemony (global control and manipulation of the Internet), global dictatorship, etc. where a few elites from some power countries try to take over the whole globe, which would become a prison planet. These unscrupulous, immoral, corrupted, genocidal, power-hungry elites will exercise an apartheid policy against the whole world, controlling people’s soul through their totalitarian regulation coercions.

Our only hope for liberty would be… to move to another planet!

This global colonization, which we call Glob-Colonization, means that a few power countries transform the third world countries into politically, ideologically, militarily, economically, financially, spiritually, culturally dominated territories.

These powerful countries do the followings in order to dominate the underdeveloped countries:

Install puppet or at least semi-puppet governments in underdeveloped countries, easily manipulated and subordinated to them. Many times, they put in power dictators, hated by the local population (see for example Pakistan, then some countries in Latin America, in some Arabic countries, etc.).

Falsify and manipulate underdeveloped countries’ local elections in order to bring to power marionettes.

Destroy the industry of underdeveloped countries, making the populace poorer, jobless, and thus obliged to emigrate to the west as cheap and discriminated labor. In this kind, they eliminate industrial concurrence.

A country cannot be rich without industrialization.

Dumping third world countries’ agriculture system in order to destroy their peasants’ small economies, and thus make the citizens of the third world countries dependent of the dominant powers.

Break up underdeveloped countries into small parts, by pedaling on regional differences between various ethnic groups.

Send so-called “peace missionaries” and traders in underdeveloped countries, who in realities are spies who collect information and stir an ethnic group against another in these underdeveloped countries in order to provoke regional turbulence, encourage separatist groups, and try to destabilize these countries. Dividae et impera [divide and conquer], or divide in order to be able to easier conquer, tells a cynic Latin aphorism.

See for example Czechoslovakia, then Yugoslavia and afterwards Serbia, and who will be dismembered next?

Attempts were against Romania.

Similarly, against China regarding the separatist Tibetans, with Tibetan riots organized by foreign secret services just on the eve of the 2008 International Olympiad in Beijing, in order to boycott this Olympiad, thus mixing politics with sports in their humbug interests.

Also, attempts to break Brazil, since it is too big and becomes a dangerous competitor, into South Brazil (a rich part) and North Brazil (a poor part), or to remove Amazon’s jungle from Brazil because, because as they say: Amazon’s jungle belongs to the planet not to Brazil.

Maybe, Indonesia will follow next (?) (East Timor was already cut off from it.)

So, what kind of globalization is that in which, instead of unifying, it divides?!

But the same powerful countries do not want to hear about, for example, dividing Canada into two parts, the French part, Québec – that many times asked for independence, and the Anglo part; or splitting Belgium into two parts, French part (Wallonie) and Flemish part; or letting Ireland unite with North Ireland… .

These powerful countries do whatever they can for dominance by force and by deceiving.

Entangle, by any mean, countries of same language and culture to unite (for example Arabic countries, or Hispanic countries), so they do not become powers.

Create international organisms that pretend serving the whole globe but, in reality, they only serve the interests of a few powers against independent non-obedient states.

What kind of democracy promote these international organisms when some countries are allowed to have sophisticated arms and others are not?! Clearly, they are biased. In our opinion, all countries should disarm – but this is a utopia today.

Also, why some countries have the “right of veto”? That’s not fair.

These international organisms look for pretexts (saying that they bring “international aid”) to intervene in the affairs of underdeveloped countries.

Erase the collective memory of other nations by defaming, slandering, detracting nations’ history, language, personalities, traditions, culture. This is a cynic strategy of abolishing nations.

Humiliate a whole underdeveloped nation through a propaganda that throws the particular to the general, i.e. blameworthy facts of a few individuals from an underdeveloped country are generalized to the whole nation they belong to; that’s the intentional way of how mass-media of these power countries transmit lies to the whole world.

Thus, for example, Romanians are stereotyped “gypsies”, “thieves”, etc. because of some bad facts of a few individuals, but not all Romanians are gypsies or thieves, and by the way – according to official statistics – there are tens of times more criminals and thieves in these power countries than in Romania!

Defamation of other religions, different from western Christianism, such as: Islam in special, then eastern orthodoxies, scientology, etc. in order to impose a global religious dominance.

Indoctrination of third world countries with these few power countries’ ideology, culture, religion, propaganda, while suppressing local values.

Calumniation of underdeveloped nations’ traditions, customs. Powerful countries’ secret agents pay dishonest local journalists to write and speak against their own countries’ culture, history, traditions, religion, but of course praising the dominants.

Ignore, ridicule, detract and boycott underdeveloped countries’ realizations, personalities, men and women of arts and letters, scientific research. Falsification of history.

This is part of denationalization and brain washing!

Weaken the national education system in underdeveloped countries and intoxicate it with these power countries’ propaganda, ideology, religion.

International Banks lend money to underdeveloped countries with the pretext of “helping” them, but under cover these banks interfere with underdeveloped countries’ political, ideological, economical affairs undermining them, imposing regulations in the interest of a few power countries these banks belong to, and transforming the underdeveloped countries in semi-colonies.

An international swindle done by these few power countries is the so-called “convertibility” of only their currencies (or only their currencies to be considered “hard money”) in foreign exchange, and not of other countries’ currencies. This international financial cunning gave these power countries a huge advantage over the world, since it was extremely cheap for them (i.e. only the cost of ink and paper) to print colored papers [= their currencies] and pay in the whole world for all kind of goods and services with their ‘colored papers’: from oil and agriculture products to secret agents acting in third world countries to destabilizing them.

Third world countries should not recognize these colored papers, and ask in the international trade to get in exchange: gold, silver, diamond, or other concrete goods and services, but not colored papers.

Those who dare to think otherwise, or countries that do not obey these powers are labeled “undemocratic”, “politically incorrect”, and accused of not respecting the “human rights”.

These powerful countries pretend having democracy, but actually they have a phony democracy, i.e. “democracy of men with money”, since democracy in the classical Greek sense means “power of the people” [in Greek demokratia = demos (people) + kratos (strength), therefore: strength/power of the people], not power of a governmental junta. When, according to pool investigation, majority of people are against a war, and millions demonstrate against the war, but the governmental junta/Klan still goes to war, is that a manifestation of the power of the people? Of course not!

There is no much difference between the Stalinist dictatorship and today’s so-called “democracy”: in the Stalinist dictatorship the citizen were not allowed to say anything; in today’s self-called “democracy” you are allowed to speak up, but the effect is the same as in the dictatorship (I mean: there is no effect!… because today’s totalitarian governmental junta do whatever it pleases). The governmental cliques, in the self-called democratic countries and in other authoritarian countries too, act as official mobs!  Those who dare to criticize these phony democracies are called “unpatriotic” … .

Today’s world meaning of “democracy” is subordination to these power countries, so unfortunately “democracy” became a propaganda and a pretext of the power countries to interfere in the third world countries’ affairs!

In addition, countries having a bi-partite political system are less democratic that those having a pluri-partite political system since the last ones offer more alternatives of policies and governance.

Another example of lack of democracy and dominance of some elites over the normal citizen is the lobby in the American congress; this lobby is unfortunately on official corruption where firms with money bribe senators to vote for firms’ interest laws which are in citizens’ disadvantage (a such example is the law that obliges each driver to have car insurance, money which in most cases the citizens pay for nothing… they pay like a tax for wind and for illusions!).

b) Further, this “politically incorrect” syntagme is a contemporary form of censorship and denial of freedom of speech (you’re not allowed to criticize the dominance… the dominance pretends detaining the global “absolute” truth in any field!).

c) While by respecting the “human rights” they maybe mean: these powers’ “human rights” of dominating other nations! The secret services of these powers and their paid influence agents provoke disarray, disorder, and systematic psychological harassment against the governments of disobedient countries.

Countries that oppose the dominants are destroyed with bombs, while those countries that yield to the dominants are destroyed with the pen, as Prof. Michel Chossudovsky plastically wrote, in the sense that local deregulations took place and external regulations from dominant powers were implemented. In the last category, Eastern Europe countries, such as Romania, Bulgaria, had their industries destroyed, their citizen required to pay high taxes to the government, and the whole country required to pay millions of euros for various European Union projects in Western countries, while Eastern European countries receive very little in exchange and their own projects are systematically rejected. As a result, a small percentage of Eastern Europeans became very rich and the majority very poor, while the degree of population’s dissatisfaction – most people were plunged into misery – is very high.

European Union (EU), as part of the global totalitarianism (i.e. globalization), exercises – besides an internal neocolonialism of Western European countries against Eastern European countries which transformed eastern countries into the wasted garbage of the west – also an external neocolonialism of European firms against African, parts of Asian, and Latin American countries, forcing these underdeveloped countries to open their markets to EU firms whose products surpass the local products, bringing to ruins the local economies.

As a result, rich countries become richer, and poor countries poorer and dependable on the first countries as neo-colonies.

This is globalization’s equity!

These few power countries use bombs, tortures (defying Geneva convention), invasions, genocides, deceptions, lies against third world countries – pretending they “fight for democracy”… (actually, it is the democracy of the most powerful that suck the natural and human resources of the neo-colonies!).

Encourage local population NOT to learn its country’s history, culture, traditions, etc. transforming them in just “speaking servants” (we adjust the Latin “speaking tools” at today’s reality), or worse “global working animals” for these powers. This is part of the robotization of the people.

This population is thus embezzled from its identity…

The more somebody knows, the more he or she demands from the society – which is inconvenient for these powers. That’s why the dominance tries to turn the thinking populace into an amorphous ignorant and less educated crowd, and in consequence this populace will simply be pushed into obsequiousness.

These power countries try to control and manipulate the information at the global level, as part of globalization, by controlling the national and transnational mass-media, the Internet, and by defaming people who are independent and thus not obeying to them.

– Award pompous international awards [with exaggerated epithets

such as: “the best in the world”, “the genial creator”, “the genial theory” (for useless theories that many people contest), etc.] in   science, arts, and letters to these power countries’ servants, since these power countries manipulate the awards as well… .

Transform the third world countries in cheap leisure places for the vacation of the power countries’ rich.

That’s why these power countries’ economists “advise” third world countries to develop their “cultural economics”! Native population is transformed into primitives that dance, sing, perform, exhibit, serve, etc. in front of these power countries’ rich… .

The middle class is thinning in all countries, and so is the real democracy.

In U. S. there is no universal medical system as in other developed and even underdeveloped countries, the medical assistance cost is sky rocketing,  the medical insurance agencies are simply business companies not medical helpers;  the social system is bankrupting, and the retirement system in bad shape menacing contemporary working class to remaining without pensions… .

The rich become richer and the middle class poorer.

Despite the initial good features of globalization (amongst them the free circulation of people and ideas across borders), it has drastic negative impacts. The uniformization imposed by global totalitarianists reduces or even annihilates the countries’ national specific differences, which are the flavor of foreigners’ attraction.

A global totalitarianism of a few elites is installing today against the whole world.

Equilibrium of powers at the planetary level is needed for a healthy global atmosphere. Today’s unipolarity is abusive, aggressive, corrupted, yoking. Therefore, it is hoped that maybe China, Brazil and other modest countries will develop in order to counterbalance the arrogance of today’s totalitarian power.

History teaches us that no empire lasts forever, consequently sooner or later this glob-colonialism/totalitarianism will fail.


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