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~Mariana Eftimie Kabbout: „Lebanon… war, pain and blood!“ and others poems

Lebanon… war, pain and blood! 

Today, the earth is crying and the clouds are full of tears
The black fume is carrying with it towards stars too heavy sadness…
The pain is digging so deep in the children’s eyes without fault
Please God, listen to their sighs and give them a little happiness!

The ruins lied everywhere around….just long sighs and screams
Hearing around how to implore the sky to stop this pain…
A lot of blood flowing on asphalt from crushed bodies
Which have gone so soon without the chance to smile again

Everything around is a fire and burning on the stake of death…
I’m asking myself what kind of soul makes so many crimes…
But I’ve found no words and the only answer is the quitness
Which made me repeat my question for thousand times…

The bombs are falling and the bullets are whistling in the wind
Hey, crazy people, in this world we can live together so well…!
Now leave the guns down, enough you’ve fed them with fire!
For all what you’ve destroyed, you will be burn in hell!

If you have children, I’ll pray for you never know what pain is
When looking for them under houses which fell on them yesterday
Maybe most people are lucky if they’ll escape and run
Because from the little they had, nothing remained today…

A lost child, with his legs bleeding asking about his mother
He doesn’t know that she has died and he’s still calling her
How can I tell him that tomorrow everything will be fine?
Please God, give him a new life to forget he had ever suffer!

The angels are crying too for the pity of this innocent people…
Assassins, why you’ve destroyed what others raised yesterday?
When you will leave this life, all the ways to be closed in the darkness
To ask forgivness from all whom you are killing today…

Just a patch of sky remained from Lebanon…only a few eyes are still watching it
With hopes for a peaceful life…. and nothing more….
Please, my God, have pity and send them bright days !
I know that You are listening to me, that’s why I’m sending my prayers to You…
And tomorrow, on this rebel land the sun will rise again…..
…. like never before …
5 august 2006

The rules of life 

I am not a judge to punish all the sinners
For what they did a long time ago
Each one of them will pay tenfold for that
Even if no one believe in that, I know …

Do everything you want; only good things …
And do it well without being sorry …
When if you get a gift from your friend
Just give it to who’s hungry and worry

You make me to smile when I can see
How everyone wants what I’ve lost before
But he will never know that he’s more rich
Than a hundred kings together … maybe more ….

The wealth is not in pocket … no, my friend !
It is inside of heart : it’s means respect and love
You’ll never buy them with money or gold
You can be unlucky but pure as a white dove

You never ask for more than you can give
And thanks to God ’cause will forgive your sin
Don’t be a judge ! He is the only one
Which gave us the chance to live a perfect dream

What do you want to do, to keep this life
And put it in a bag to take it with you?
O, my poor friend , you are so silly if you think
That you will live forever! … It’s not true!

The foam of a wave 

I’m the foam of the wave
Which floods the edge of a shackled soul
Protecting dreams by storms which rave
And letting them to never fall

I’m the salt which always heals
And never brings a tear or pain
Turning the stones into the pearls,
And the hurricane in a mild rain

If perfect chances passed by
And I can feel a heart is broken
I break a strip from the clear sky
To write with it a love unspoken

I move the hills from here to there
Making to smile even a plastic doll
For everyone, from anywhere
I haven’t body, just mind and soul.

For what you want to see my face?
It is like yours… just pain and sin…
Facing the end after a grim race
I’ll only lose when the death will win…

No one has taught me what to be
And now, from nothing, what can I save?
I’ll never dream to be a sea…

I’m just the foam of a wave…


If your kisses will be flowers I’ll have a garden on my lips
And when you’ll cover me with petals, I’ll be a silent rain
To give you water and my sun by loving you in all my dreams
Then I can say: you are my wonder and finally, you came!

If your smile will be a light I’ll find the heaven in your eyes
And I’ll be waiting to taste it just like never before
Between the wings of my pure soul you’ll find a door of paradise
Just open it and I’ll stop the pain if it will heart you more

If your eyes will glance like jewels I’ll pray for you to never die
To have a life without an end by shining like a star
The clouds never shade your way ’cause your thought knows how to fly
And brings me near you today even if I am so far

But if you are a piece of sun and I’m just a lonely moon
You’ll never get to caress me… We’ll never be together …
It doesn’t matter if the fate wants to estrange us too soon
You are my true love and will remain the one I’ll love forever!   


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