romanian literary monthly

~George Anca: „The Eliade’s Ashes“

birds flutter

Shakespeare’s nose

Soliman Sulmona 

as yore

with awe

we hummed at station

Agar filiation 

he dedicated triptych

in a little garden

his daughter has died

triptych dedicated

valley he lenghtened her 

it is dynamited florally the cathacresis

a net of allpious in this insolation

hai-ku refrain Phenician snobbism

alphabet from North ballast in ballast-pit

how much naught bitterly clear

again with Medeea he meets from Tomis to Bălţi

they don’t know to read to children from me

wall on no smut asked sadness barium army

void vidma-death brothels undemolishable if 

monumentally let lay

life’s abode on poker

give me horses of May

echoing in mind cantharsis

blind dervish colored sand

it  fowers the flower of cherry

în Marakesh 

on belt we sparkle sprinkle the wood

respect for making of rural school

illiad eliad eyeliad we would understand

each word a phantom from Eminescu

to Blaga she sent young until got blind

I have not motorcars in my literature

I have neither a poor Dacia

with(out) princely house hurryly

Kalidasa Ovid  moving him to Tomitan agony

Calatis how many times from Tomi they visited 

blind hell amen

Elena Constntin

11 death

Strathford Breath

seamanship moth

Israely tarot

pub ship

grave steel

scato telegraph

Narnia crash

song two

swim the dew

all in she

salty sea

dark you us

sing in trance

search atoll

ocean at all

Ulysses on Walsh que

Ilie Ilaşcu

sea stays goes island

as Circe moves garland

postponed kin tongues

over the cart auras

no pensioner without two cars

a mercedes and a volvo boyars

muy the beaten in pays

salve proscribed paradis

it started at midnight

after two hours might 

it isn’t unpayment

from Ulysses Bloom

mounted on the shovel

ashes to the album

the read Brancusi

to the letters chisel

Dubliners transported

from Ithaca other 

your god not a gnome

your mother’s exam

Salomee aum

great and strong amen

do you know how gets

beggar in New York

in Washington rex

no Circe no pork 

more on a skewbald

the rape to shake

lame mare

under flutterer 

hand on she don’t

worry Helespont 

from hot to cold

Homer Joyce old 

to Shakespeare

in cemetry 

book back snake

carried by married 

late is your mamma

more ongoing Yama

Savitri drink bang

to Yama bon sang 

nor this neither Alceste

raining in Bucharest 

speaking not hearing

booze with găgăuz 

madman among mad maids

to the obscetity and aids 

well if you worship renaissance

Ruben on Eminescence 

but a movie after Joyce

Bloom out of Ulysses heroes 

we’d read through magnesia

Picu Angel Silezia 

Radu Anghel Gheorghe Anghel

constantinelen archangel 

bullet why don’t

through vagabond 

so friends are helped

turning ahead 

wednesday corpus

verso hercules 

versus Cressus

Spartans breakbones 

what to speak with you abac

expenses on Potomac

flight of bridge

knot of mud-fish 

much asphalt catafalque

I walk me atttack 

Harrare charm

Cioran internet

censor galore

get bere Get 


Saramago’s mill

Romanian zeal


Creuza to whom you nail me

dinga-linga washing the temple

Radha in golden Madura

taffeta of postverbal blood 

I have in the middle India

vote from Australia

others of tongue a time


presses in drought’s back do charge

in racks empty full vessels

a roar the chests a soul the fields

just so nun kerchief on board

whips the dead’s water hands fist

of fluffs we sift us as reeds

walls snoring we tremble

we are the students in Balaciu 

in time spring autumn the tractor

in ditch packed petunias

on lake and nobody’s a swan

you married the oxidated 

from nest to nest nothing nothing

so I got old ragamuffin

how ugly did I wrote to you

that even in the dream goes true 

using the word Kingdom

I knew you in the little room of bridges

on water onion leaves grave

shake me of a rememberance 

stay don’t live only here

another’s memory would seize you

you can meet if you keep

more you going to America 

look at you lollop depression

childish blessed

Michelle in the photo if not Morgan

we will equally have vigil 

what you see

you wake ye



seraching mouse

in repose

I’d start

in dodii art



do klaxon

as long

as you’re

in life

in waiting

stopped radio


the childwife 

sea’s march renounces curdiness

of lift smell in discrimination

the olive tree out of sight

the blind a caress to wall 

we shouldn’t been

the opposite smell

if not of morello cherry

olive color  

you gape oligophreny as earnest

from the other window

we sit cronlike

on enemies from swamp 

demonstration of salvation

with what I don’t let you more

mother hasn’t virgin daughter

and the  police at pace 

broken leech as if worm

lilac kindled between thermae

more you hit me saltern

and we knit it frozen 

how woudn’t suit me

axons mytocondrias

glory unwedded

aryan Hittites 

sculptured in Victories Paris

by Emmanuel Fremiet virginities

burnt Jeanne and Valery

both born in Domremy 

arrived in exosphere the girl drunk wine

lavander after la balade irlandaise

ce n’est pas normal de chanter en public

Boonard one more touch to his painting in museum 

autant on emporte le vent gone with the wind

octosyllabe vieux proverbe francais en Villon

I wouldn’t French me old day Eliade booth

I recognize Maytreyi avatar Sakuntal 

and the king lodger to his father

until tomorrow until way back

ring Viorica Navamalika

flower of unpronounceable navel 

soild would be paternal  algae agglutinated

you wet the drought with Eliadian letters

we didn’t reach under asphalt’s wing

until we don’t globalize a bit 

to the colourless debt I walk the gift

of rhythm in ravines

vidma-death avid dravid

how the South narrows 

in Thule you I in Ushuaya

we’d keep hand word

we’d clean us in fiord

on silences ‘ skis 

we’d sweat in rain tomorrow

with no news marketers

the announce anti Vajpayi

we also have communists 

that I suddenly left

as well as from Sahytia

to remember the pit

run after me 

how I cheeped on edge

Eliade shortly matinee

quotable texts namely

tomorrow poetry toward poppies 

to sleep alone silent

up to the specialized

shop in the cemetry

the odalisque interposed 

more Indians we were

more a stone more a head

if I wouldn’t read unwritten

sun of mood  shadow of sight

we don’t close in owl any more

don’t bounce the silance

to self destined temples

whom will you invite again 

the left to will of unseen

from blind to more blind

eternal sleep frightening us

and you what so much goodwill 

toward predestined


if crush would be not here

to mark you again to say

I neither see you I hear you gossipped

in the acquintance of friendship

mnesys  to fill

in god’s name 

we’d eventize in desert

sometimes I breath home schooling

I spoke my soul to the sharers

inverse echos of verse unshipped in Anvers 

as we’d kill appointments

reversed insolation

Berenstein on Hilary sex

and what more Băsescu desires 

Torijos Ceauşescu Saddam

what more do we assassinate globes 

will we calk placental tradition

swallowed in secret how

we will agonize in future’s hour

I also see the unpaying week

bamboo iamboo music

from exile blandusic

this costed ones

flesh with no bones 

Eliade poem unread

she doctor repeats that hadn’t money

ashes Chicago Moldovian editions

Australians request you from America 

alamkarika declined Gange reading

food of rise with onion symbols of crushing teeth

eaten tearing sillyness versus phantom

a car from other world carying him as myths

speak for we aren’t animals we have names

he wouldn’t demythize with any of us

you laughed with Jews in part even Saul

overturned again the buddhic sack 

still vampire Vetala

writing to your writing

dreaming to your dream

station Constantin Brâncoveanu 

nothing from days

books Eliade

just he’d

oppose let it

hypocrite critique

making sporadic

the lie

of recognition 

we don’t need selves

neither beauty

less the play

oh my friends 

electrocution Rudolf

Dominic to Orăştie

we of Zalomit

raga yaman raga pilu 

basil tulsi

hindu canon

evening raga


person continuity

one out of thousand but you

the sounds search you

in knowledge of sin 

still in yaman

on swastika

of prosperity

without Hitler 

you breath self

gods of sounds

embodiments of silence

the luck of epiphanies 

everybody with own’s and raga

atman encercles you

sitar the reaper of poppies

translator of gitanjali 

soft sounds of collapse

in dancing dharma

you also go to match

of applause Mircea 

tabla tramping on sitar

of returning in weaves

stay undestructured

thunder Eliade raga 

children on later

of this reed islet

many breaths


argonauts from raga

returning way







in mind of willows

not in palms not know



organ masked in sitar

invitation avatar

no more sadness amar

just what do we do with the time 

how did you burned

the scores under

profaning radiations

listen to sounding of salvation 


people match

you ash

we now




in void 

it’s no more a business

if would be would do

Eminescu is the least

to mourn for 

you too confound not

communism with Eminescu

journalences eliadences

all are said 

you didn’t weep since two days

kindled candle

perhaps Măridevi comes

and doesn’t find the way 

let sister frog give birth to a blackbird

Ru devi the egg Olt Rouolt

he writes you have not permission

what you till remember 

the ashes of Eliade

you said to the poem

asked me Mrinal Sen

how is Mircea 

cloudy am I up to maps

more way or some else

nobody would miss

your ashes 

orgy David

prayer Kahlil

devi Mircea

ashes George 

reverse abreast

light of return

Kalipso apokalipso

mritior ma amritam gamaya


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