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Sorin Cerin: „The Coaxialism“

sorin-cerinThe Coaxialism,book review:
This book represents an audacious contribution to contemporary philosophy. Not a mere synthesis, the volume brings to the fore a original vision concerning the truth (and the illusion), the absolut and the life, into the philosophical conversation of humanity. “What else are we, but a mad dream of an angel, taken up with himself, lost somewhere within the hierarcy of numerology?” (p.5), asks the author, triggering a captivating odyssey, with an opening towards the philosophy of conscience, contextualism and mind philosophy, that is relevant for the critique of the reprezentationalism and postmodernism. Coaxialism is structured in 11 chapters. They may be interpreted in triads. Therefore, the first three chapters could stand as an introduction to the thematic realm of coaxiology. The first chapter is concerned with “The purpose, the hirarchy, the birth of numerology and of the Primordial Factor ONE”, the second chapter treats “The Instinct, the Matrix, the Order and Disorder, the Dogma”, and the third chapter “The State of the fact, the Opened Knowledge and the Closed Knowledge, the Coaxialism and the Coaxiology”. Then, the next triad would be constituted by the interpretation of three aspects related to human exemplarity, via the chapters entitled “The Print and the Karmic Print, the Geniality”, “Love or the individual Conscience of the Human Being” and “Consciousness or the knowledge in Coaxiology”.

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