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Theodor Damian: „Globalization as Reconstruction of the World: The Theological Value of Recapitulation“

Preliminary Considerations
Globalization is one of the most debated and hot topics today. The strong reaction people have at World Trade Organization meetings is one indication of that. Another one is the quantity of writing
on the topic. According to internet resources every field of life is affected by globalization. Only Google – to mention just one tool of research – gives 6.560.000 entries for the word.
If globalization would not drastically affect people’s lives there would probably be less interest for it. Because of its implications in human life at all levels, those who are happy with it are quick to praise and preach it, whereas those who are unhappy and skeptical are quick to protest, warn and discourage.

In this presentation I will try to look at this phenomenon not so much from the point of view of its external manifestations that have to do with technology, economics, politics (Americanization for many), but from the point of view of its inner forces, drives, and characteristics. In doing that I will make an appeal to theology and metaphysics that can facilitate a new understanding and interpretation of it. >>>

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