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ROMANIAN SCIENTISTS – The Life of Ovidiu Vuia

On March 18, 1929 Ovidiu-Filip Vuia was born as the only son to the lawyer and newspaper proprietor Tiberiu Vuia and the governess Veturia Vuia, nee Bixa. The marriage of his parents was dissolved when he was four years old.
In October of 1935 he entered grade school in Arad and in 1939 he changed over to Lyceum, comparable to a comprehensive secondary school, which he graduated from.
He first signed up at the University to study art and historical art, but soon realized that in this course of study with the ruling communist regime he could not be content. It quickly became clear that he would never be able to travel to Italy – his real great love – France or Spain.

He transferred to study medicine with the assumption that politics would not play a role there. He traded places at the University with his friend Ion Piso, who became a world-renowned tenor who also lived in Germany for an extended period of time. That is where the two met again by chance in 1975.
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