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Pr.Dr. Alexandru Stanciulescu-Barda: The Image of Stefan the Great, the Ruler of Moldavia, (1457-1504, in Ethno-historical Documents)

If we wanted display the history of the Romanian people in the form of a map drawn in relief withmountains, hills, plains, valley, precipes and waters, with rovers and seas, them, Stefan (Stephen) the Great and the Holy and his reign would be the Everest Peak. His entire reign bere the mark of his personality and his activity either political, strategical, cultural, human, moral or religious deserved only superlatives. Never had there been any ruler before this coronation the equak his grandeur, no matter how blessed by God he might have been.
Stephen the Great appeared on the political stage as a result of painful efforts of the Romanian people in order to survive in a very confused and confunsing period: Constantinopoles, the fortress of Christianity had been taken down and the Christians all over Europe and serious resons to werry. The Turks had reached Europe and Kept entering deeply the territories >>>>>>>>

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