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NOVEL – Aurel David: „The Contract with Death“

After his speedy recovery, ensuing from the paralysis that had kept him in bed for a few weeks, Danny still had some trouble moving around. He had been left with a slight blockage of his right hand; even his leg seemed to pull back every time that he tried to walk.
Three years had quietly gone by since the vascular accident, time during which Danny conversed with dr. Dumitru Ionescu. One morning Danny rose a little abruptly in his bed. A slight dizziness forced him to realign himself in the horizontal position. Trying again to rise, in slow motion, the dizziness did not come back.
That evening, Danny called the doctor and told him what happened.
“Do you still take any medicines?” asked the doctor.
“Only about a half of an aspirin. After lunch”.
“Very well. How long has it been since your release from the hospital?”
“Two years and nine months”.
“We had had an agreement for you to come to the two-year check-up. Why did you neglect it?”
“Because I’m… foolish”. >>>>>>>>>

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