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ESSAY – Ioan Bozac: „Profane reflections on Christian religion“

I have to specify from the beginning that I don’t know thoroughly the dogmatic texts laying at the basis of Christian teaching. I ventured, however, to write about the subject as a reaction to initiatives and actions which I consider to affect the religion of my forefathers, thus being – ultimately – menaces to our cultural and national identity.
I can’t say I’ve been brought up in a religious spirit, even though elements of Christian teaching and cult were conveyed to me within the family. In school, the so-called education was contrary in essence – like for all the generation that attended public instruction in the communist period. Quite this, maybe, has stimulated inside me the curiosity to know more about the life, deeds and ideas of Jesus and His apostles. I approached them by means of a historical perspective – so with my mind, not with my soul. At the same time, however, as, years passed, I realized that there must be a supreme entity, which should have created the universe and established its laws. From the very beginning seemed frail to me the statement of Engels that matter is infinite in time and space; even science (physics, namely), by recent progresses, contradicts it.

However, all religions (in the first place those widely spread, with which I ought to make connections) have as nodal point the existence of a Creator, care – in general – is also the supreme divinity. Surely that from here to being a Christian it’s

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