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BOOKS – Ioan Marin Malinas: „Dypticon or patriarchal and imperial chronology“

Ioan Marin Mălinaş presents the researchers in history and critics his tenth book entitled “Dypticon or Patriarchal and Imperial Chronology”, designed to begin a trilogy of the Pentarchy (the system of the five leaders or patriarchs, in the first Christian millennium: Old Rome, Constantinople – New Rome, Alexandria, Antioch and Jerusalem), of the Old Orientals (Assyrians, Copts, Armenians, Syrians, Ethiopians etc.), of the autocephalous and autonomous Primates in the pre and post imperial epoch – 1453 – of the Greek Catholics of all ethnic groups and rites, as well as of the Patriarchs of Latin Rite imposed by the crusaders in Constantinople and Christian Orient.
The work is also the first scientific chronology of World Church History in the Romanian Theological literature, useful both to the Faculties of Theology and to those of arts.

In order to have a better placement of the local hierarchy in the epoch, in the state and ethnic context, the
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